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By submitting an application form to Wicklow Christmas Market, you are agreeing to have

accepted these terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions are mandatory for all exhibitors and have been compiled to ensure that Wicklow Christmas Market operates to the highest possible standards. If you require clarification about a particular point or have any other questions relating to your application, please contact us by email




The application form completed by the Stallholder to take a Chalet for the Contract Period: At the Venue.


The chalet/hut/stall premises at the event, is a ‘Counter Top’ style or walk in unit.


The costs to be paid by the Stallholder to the Organiser in respect of the licence to sell goods approved by the Organiser at the Chalet for the Contract Period.


These Terms and any other terms notified by the Organiser as being applicable.

Contract Period:

The duration of the Contract and the Stallholders’ licence of the Chalet to sell goods approved by the Organiser as described in these Terms and conditions.

Event: Wicklow Christmas Market.

Exhibitor(s)/Stallholder(s): The Stallholder named on the application form.

Opening Hours:

The hours the Stallholder shall open the Chalet during the Contract Period, being 10h00 to 19h30. The dates of the Christmas market are outlined below

November 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 27th.

December: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th.

Organiser: ELH Electric Events LTD

Permitted Purpose:

The sale of merchandise by the Exhibitor from the Chalet during the Opening Hours of the Event in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Regulations: All current and future law, regulations, notices or any order of any applicable governing body which affect the Organiser, the Exhibitors, the Chalet, the Permitted Purpose and generally.

Terms The terms and conditions in this document, being the Market Exhibitors Terms’, which are incorporated into the Contract.

Venue River Walk & Leitrim Place Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow

1. Type of Product

All products offered for sale by a Stallholder shall be of a unique nature and not readily available in high street shops. In order to maintain quality and for the benefit of all traders, only those items indicated on the application form may be sold.

2. Criteria for application

Stallholders will be selected at the Organiser’s discretion against a strict criteria including the range of products available at the market, quality of product, uniqueness and customer appeal. We do not offer exclusivity on any products. Applications that are not supported by pictorial material will not be accepted. Wicklow Christmas market retain the right to refuse a pitch at our discretion.

3. Chalet Sharing

It is permitted to share a chalet with one other exhibitor (maximum of two companies and approval is at the discretion of the Organiser. All applicants must state this is when applying for a chalet, and one person should be nominated to receive all correspondence relating to the Christmas Market.


4. Location

Stallholders will not be able to select their chalet position and will not have their location confirmed upon booking. Location will be determined by the Event Organisers based on product mix, electrical requirements and exhibiting date.


5. Trading Periods

Stallholders must book and operate their chalet for the entire contracted trading period. We reserve the right to offer amended trading periods at our discretion.

6. Opening Hours

The Christmas Market will be open from 10am – 7.30pm. All stalls must be manned and trading between the hours 10am and 7pm on each day during the trading period the market is open. Failure to do so will result in a ban from attending future Wicklow Christmas Market Events

7. Set Up and Dismantling Times

Traders will be able to set up on Fridays and Saturday between 7am and 09.30am. All chalets must be cleared by 9pm on a stallholder’s last trading day. Access on Sunday trading days will be from 8am. Any access to the event site outside of these times must be pre-arranged with the Organiser.


8. Vehicle Movement

Wicklow Christmas Market has a permanent driving ban onsite from 10am – 7.30pm. Such restrictions must be adhered to at all times. There will be no access to or from the Christmas Market vehicle within these hours.


9. Stallholder Parking

A FREE parking area for stallholders will be located in the Murrough carpark (behind Remo kitchens)


10. Security

Each stall holder will bring their own lock to secure their Chalet. An overnight security guard will be based within the Christmas Market on Friday and Saturday nights. Wicklow Christmas market will not be liable for any loss or damage to the stallholders’ merchandise, property or personal effects unless such loss or damage is caused directly by the Organiser. Stallholders are advised to take out their own individual insurance to cover such occurrences.

11. Noise

“Auctioneers”, PA’s/amplification, hawking and peddling are strictly forbidden. The playing of soft ambient festive music is allowed inside the chalets provided it is not audible outside.

12. Rubbish

Rubbish disposal is the responsibility of the Stallholders, who must dispose of their rubbish in the appropriate manner. We are trying to minimise the impact on the environment and we ask you to assist us in trying to conserve precious resources. We urge you to use food service supplies that are re-usable, biodegradable or recyclable and limit the amount of plastic used.



13. Stallholder Conduct

Using offensive or abusive language towards staff, fellow traders or visitors will forfeit your position to trade at the Christmas Market and all future events. Stallholders should not do anything while at the market to bring the event or Event Organiser into disrepute. Promoting other organisers’ events is not permitted on your stall. Alcohol must not be consumed by traders on site during public opening times. Smoking is not permitted within or out the front of the Christmas market. No dogs are allowed on site at any time. Upon leaving the chalet at the end of a contracted period, stallholders must dispose of all rubbish and leave the chalet in a clean and tidy condition


14. Health and Safety

Stallholders must comply with the regulations of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (as amended) Stallholders must notify the Event Organiser as soon as they become aware of any health and safety issues or hazards that may have arisen at the Christmas market. No naked flames are permitted within the chalets. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested. All children’s products must have a British Safety or European Safety Standard.

Stallholder Terms & Conditions


15. Insurance

All stallholders must hold their own Public Liability Insurance with minimum cover of €6,50000 euros. Stallholders will indemnify Wicklow County Council & ELH Electric Events LTD. Stall holders must also have Product Liability and, where appropriate, Employers Liability. Wicklow Christmas Market will ask to see proof of these documents before allowing a stallholder to trade at the Christmas Market.


16. Electrical Power

Every chalet is fitted with a 4amp (920 watt) double socket power supply, suitable for phone chargers, fairy lights etc. This supply will NOT be sufficient to run items such as heaters. Please ensure you have booked the appropriate power upgrade for the equipment you are bringing. Stallholders must contact the Event Organiser before Oct 15th 2020 if they wish to upgrade their power supply. Wicklow Christmas market will not be able to upgrade any power requests after this date. Should the power supply fail at any time during the event, Wicklow Christmas Market will not be liable for any loss of trade incurred.


17. Portable Appliance Test Certificate (PAT)

Portable Appliance Test Certificates are required for all electrical equipment used by exhibitors at events to ensure all equipment is safe.


18. Chalet Type

Chalets are counter style type. Standard chalets are 3.0m x 2m. Chalets are available on a first come first serve basis subject to successful applicant approval. Pitches are max 3M wide by 3m deep


19. Chalet Appearance/Alterations

Wicklow Christmas Market will decorate the exterior of each chalet with a festive garland and bulb lighting to ensure uniformity in appearance. Stallholders may not add décor to the exterior of the chalet but are encouraged to decorate the interior in an attractive festive manner. All internal chalet signage must be of a smart appearance and in keeping with the rest of the Christmas market. Wicklow Christmas Market reserve the right to ask stallholders to remove any signage not in keeping with the look of the market at their discretion. Chalets will be provided empty and without shelving etc., traders are permitted to put up shelving and hang hooks in their chalet. These must be taken down and removed at the end of the stallholder’s contract period. Stallholders are responsible for providing their own tables, chairs and any equipment they wish to bring to the event.


20. Chalet Boundaries

Stallholders are required to keep their products within the known chalet area at all time, unless permission has been granted by the event Organiser. ‘A frame’ advertising boards bare not permitted in the walk ways.


21. Food and Beverage Stallholders

Stallholders selling food and drinks will be asked to produce relevant documents as listed on the Application Form. i.e., HSE unique identification number. Where refreshments or food items of any description are offered for sale or consumption, the caterer must ensure that the supply, production, storage, handling and service of all such items comply fully with the relevant food safety legislation and any other regulations made there under. A copy of these documents must be supplied to Wicklow Christmas Market no later than October 15th 2019 otherwise the contract may be terminated with no liability to the Organiser and the loss of all monies paid.


22. Booking Procedure

All potential stallholders must complete the online Wicklow Christmas market Application Form and ensure they have filled in all the applicable sections. Applications will not be accepted without agreement to the terms and conditions and without submitting pictorial evidence of products.


23. Notification

Stallholders will be notified within 14 days of receipt of application whether they have been successful in securing a chalet at the market or not. Successful applicants will be sent confirmation, along with an invoice for the full amount due.


24. Payment Terms

Full payment is to be made within 14 days on receipt of invoice. Failure to pay within 14 days will result in loss of chalet at the Christmas market, unless an extension has been agreed in writing with the Event Organiser. Wicklow Christmas Market reserve the right to use dynamic pricing at our discretion.



25. Cancellation Policy

NO REFUNDS Wicklow Christmas market will not be held liable to refund any monies paid. Stallholder fees will only be refunded if the event is cancelled prior to opening due to Covid-19 restrictions.


26. VAT

Receipts will be issued with a VAT RECEIPT


26B, 10% of your z read (total daily sales hot food vendors) will be paid to Wicklow Christmas Market at the close of business on each trading day


27. Liability

Wicklow Christmas Market will not be liable for any loss or damage or claim suffered by the stallholder or its agents or employees.


28. No Rights

The license granted in these Terms is solely for the rent of a chalet and does not confer the relationship of landlord and tenant or any rights and obligations arising from such a relationship. Nor does it confer any interest or estate of any nature whatsoever in, on, over or under any part of the Venue.


29. Variation

No variation of these Terms or of any of the documents referred to in it shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by, or on behalf of the Organiser. The Organiser may vary these Terms at any time prior to the Event by notifying the exhibitor in writing of such variation.


30. No Partnership

Nothing in the Contract shall be deemed to constitute an association, partnership or joint venture between the parties or constitute any of the parties as an agent of the other parties.


31. The Law

The Contract, and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of the republic of Ireland. The parties irrevocably agree that the courts of the Republic of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with the Contract or its subject matter.

Should any stallholder or associated staff be deemed to have breached these terms and conditions, Wicklow Christmas Market reserve the right to remove them from the site, with no refund granted.


32. Compliance & Damages Deposit

Vendors will be asked at the booking stage: to submit a deposit that will be held in the case of none-compliance to our terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Christmas Market Trader Application

Updated February 2023

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