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Mini Express Train Hire

The Mini Express is a carefully designed hand crafted replica of a steam train from the first half of the 20th century. It can accommodate up to 20 children or about 14 with a mix of children and adults. The Mini Express is made especially for use in city pedestrian zones, parks, entertainment centres It can be used outdoors and is also suitable for small areas (max. Width 105cm, total maximum length 11m, turning circle 5.5m, total weight 1218kg, speed max. 6.1km / h


The Mini Express has an electric (battery) drive. It is quiet, economical and environmentally friendly. The battery power supply ensures continuous use throughout the day. The Mini Express produces the original sound of a steam locomotive adding realism to the train that triggers a child’s imagination. The Wheels in Motion rotate at variable speeds and in tandem with the speed of the train.

The Mini Express moves at walking pace. It is equipped with an anti collision system. It works by using a state of the art ultrasonic detector to sense objects, person, and obstructions that may loom in the path of the train. When an obstruction is detected, the ACS processor will assume control of the train and either slow it down or stop it altogether. The carriages have Safety door locks, safety nets between the carriages and rubber door jams to protect children's fingers. The driver can also communicate with passengers through the PA system. The Mini Express has an ISO 17842 and TUI certification in accordance with European regulations and is operated to the highest safety standards.

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