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Medieval Marquee

Medieval Marquee History

A crook barn was a staple structure back in medieval England. Its unique design consists of two beams or blades leaning inwards, fixed with a cross or tie beam securing the framework. Inspired by the original structure, the Medeival Marquee is a modernised version. Whilst the new design stays true to its historic roots, it is much safer and more weather resilient than its medieval ancestor. Plus, it has been carefully engineered for easy installation and is simple to move, suiting temporary occasions perfectly

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Hire The Medeival Marquee

Electric Events are the only provider in Ireland of this unique and multipurpose marquee. The Medieval Marquee is an open space with exposed timbers making it a great choice of venue for weddings, corporate events, parties or even festivals. The ample roof area provides a perfect opportunity for getting creative and looks stunning when embellished with large hanging flower displays or custom lighting. Whether it's chic chandeliers, laid back festoon lights or elegant swathes of roses that you’ve got your eye on, the Medeival Marquee certainly won't hold you back.

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