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Maxi Express Train Hire

Our Electric Trackless Park Train is a versatile and safe transportation option suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With a 4 car configuration consisting of 1 locomotive and 3 covered passenger wagons, our Park Train offers a comfortable experience. Each wagon has 9 adult seats, providing a total passenger capacity of 27 adults. The train can average 60 km in a 10-hour running time, depending on the route gradient.

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Safety is a priority, as the Park Train features a full CCTV system and a speaker sound system in every carriage, allowing clear communication between the driver and passengers. An advanced anti-collision system (ACS) ensures the train responds to obstacles by slowing down or stopping. Safety door locks, safety nets between carriages, and rubber door jams protect passengers, particularly children.

The Park Train creates an enjoyable ambiance with LED interior lighting, powerful speakers for music, and special effects like steam animation, rail sound, and a train whistle. It also has hydraulic disc brakes for sudden stops, a hand brake for slopes, and a power cut-off switch for battery disconnection. With ISO 17842 and TUI certification, our Park Train meets European regulations and operates at the highest safety standards.

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