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Festival Huts

They are the perfect accommodation to suit your needs, and these versatile chalets can be furnished to make sure your stay is super comfortable and no fuss.

​There is plenty of space inside our Festival Huts and you can sleep up to 4 guests. You'll have your own bed, power point and light – and it doesn't matter if it rains!

Contact us for your bespoke quote

The biggest asset is our Easy Set Up system. In no time at all we can set up a whole village, market or campsite thanks to the simple click system of the chalets. This smart design translates into sustainable transport, efficient storage and lower costs.

The potential uses for the Festival Huts are endless.  This type of hut is used at festivals, in a village style setting and is very impressive ! The area can be set up and designed to meet all your festival needs.

· Dimensions 3M x2.4M

· Easy access door with lock

· Cabin light

· Electrical outlet flap

· Sturdy structure

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